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Contact Us
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Meet the technology behind your value proposition.
We're on a mission to help growing financial services teams effortlessly manage their day and build meaningful client relationships.
What's different? about Toolkit CRM
Built to make your client experience your competitive advantage
Experience Engine
Meet the Experience Engine
Easily digitize your client service model and craft different client experiences based on their classification. 80% of your revenue comes from 20% of your clients, deliver more quality experiences for your top-tier clients with Toolkit, build better client relationships and start growing your practice on autopilot.

Why is client classification important for financial advisors?

Client classification allows you to effectively allocate your time and resources, develop and implement effective marketing and sales strategies, and comply with regulatory requirements and industry best practices. By understanding the specific needs and circumstances of each client, you a can provide a more targeted, relevant advice and services, which can help you build and maintain strong relationships with your clients. This, in turn, can help you grow your practice and achieve your business goals.
Blue Square Toolkit Application
Fastest navigation in a CRM.
We've had enough of sluggish CRMs and waiting for tabs and pages to load. There's no loading time in Toolkit, thanks to our in-house developed QuickTab Navigation technology. Sprint through different tabs like a breeze.
Unlimited Storage
Free unlimited file storage.
Unlike other CRM providers, we don't impose limits on storage space. Upload an unlimited number of templates, images, videos, & documents for free. The files are also protected with banking grade security.
Unlimited File Storage
Collaborate on anything with your team.
Streamline teamwork with powerful collaboration features that make it easy to work together
people 1
people 2
people 3
Our group calendar allows everyone to see each other's schedules and plan meetings or tasks to improve collaboration and coordination among team members. Activities like appointments scheduled on Toolkit can be synced out to external calendars like Google and Outlook.
Ensure that tasks are completed efficiently and that team members are not overburdened with work. Additionally, if you're a team leader, keep track of your team's progress and identify any potential bottlenecks or issues.
Our robust note taking systems allows team members to comment on individual notes. You can also attach files, link associated family members and accounts to get a complete overview of the interaction.
Finally, your relationship organized.
Keep track of all your client's information, emails, files, and financials in one easy-to-view layout
Advanced Tagging
Advanced tagging and filtering
Group clients that have a specific interest (like wine, fishing, etc.), export them out and then invite them if you plan on hosting an event or use them as a way to communicate effectively. You could also export a list of your top-tier clients, get a list of expired drivers' licences and so much more. The possibilities are limitless.
Automation can't get easier than this. Seriously!
Deliver better service to your clients and better experiences for your workforce
Automation you'll love to use.
Copilot Clockwork
Keep your business running like clockwork.
Automatic task delegation allows for a seamless and productive environment for your team: Toolkit automatically assigns the next task to the right team member at the right time.
Manual Work
Stop doing repetitive manual work.
Automate all your business processes, from prospecting to new client onboarding to new referrals to client graduation processes. Don't let anything slip through the cracks, automate these processes in minutes. (Yes. Minutes.)
Learning Curve?
You don't need a tech degree to take advantage of automation in Toolkit.
Drive growth
with analytics
  1. Get valuable client insights
  2. Track performance metrics
  3. Drive growth & improve bottom line with data
  4. Create your own custom reports on-demand
  5. Optimize and refine your approach
  6. Identify areas of improvement
  7. Export reports to excel
email syncing
No complicated plugins
Works with any email provider
Emails and attachments are automatically synced with the associated contact in Toolkit
Customization made easy
Store and track information that is relevant to your operations and unique to your clients, providing a more detailed and accurate view of your client relationships. You can then use this information to provide a personalized service and improve your client experience.
But wait,
there's more
Pocket Sized CRM
CRM pocket-sized for on-the-go
Even when you don't have access to a computer, Toolkit's free mobile app keeps you connected to your business. Lookup contacts, enter notes, schedule meetings and much more on-the-go.
Toolkit - Apple
Toolkit - Google
We take security seriously around here
256bit Encryption
256-bit encryption
Data Centers
ISO/IEC 27001 certified Data Centers
Cloud based
Deploy in minutes
No installation
Access from any device, anywhere in the world
Automatic upgrades without interruption
Never lose your data
Blue Square Toolkit
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